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July 16, 2019

Connecticut State Senator’s Complicity in Sexual Harassment Claims – PART 2

Story Points 

  • Gary Sousa was a long time Democrat and tried to blame the the Town of Plainfield’s persecution of him because of his support of First Selectman candidate Democrat Don Gladding.  
  • Don Gladding ran for the CT 44 seat in 2006 and lost. 
  • Mae Flexer was campaigning in the district while this incident was unfolding.  
  • According to the Better Business Bureau, Automobile Dealers as an industry group have some of the highest numbers a reports of sexual harassment. 
  • The Small Business Express Loan Sousa received was targeted for the towing portion of the business.  K-Town Automotive claims to be a AAA affiliate which means that Sousa potentially could be in a position to help stranded motorist all all times of the day or night. 

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