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COVID-digging and the Democrats – Ct Chronicle
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August 4, 2021

COVID-digging and the Democrats

Democrats at all levels of government are using the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting crisis to push for mail-in voting. In Connecticut, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill is leading the charge.  She is, after all, the top election official in the state. She is also someone who is known to push for very progressive policies in her approach to elections. Merrill has promoted and implemented Same Day Registration and is also trying to get parolees the right to vote.  She also was an early endorser of Elizabeth Warren because of the former presidential candidate’s desire to give even a bologna sandwich the ability to vote.

Merrill and other Democrats see this crisis Americans are suffering through as too good of an opportunity to waste.  “Social Distancing” will be one of the phrases that defines 2020 and set the groundwork for many future indoctrinations. Fear has reached a fever pitch and the longer this lasts the deeper set those fears will become. Fertile ground to make change.

What is this all-pervasive fear going to do to us for the long run? Will it serve as a Pavlovian response to any decisions we make in the near and long term as a society? “Remember the 2020 COVID Pandemic? You don’t want to relive that again, do you.” This will be the justification for all sorts of reforms.  There is a problem and a hypocrisy to go along with that line of crisis-digging. How do you justify allowing other activities in our society that force people to be close to one another?

If the safety of poll workers and the public, particularly the elderly, as the opportunists are already claiming, is the justification for their reforms then what about the safety in the rest of our society? What about Casinos? The banks and banks of slot machines are elbow to elbow with seniors spending a few bucks. Will the casinos have to remove two thirds of their machines and stop serving drinks to maintain social distancing?  What about amusement parks? Will there be horizontal lines on the ground akin to the vertical,” You must be this tall to ride” signs?  Will movie theaters have to issue N-95 masks and decontaminate everyone when they leave?

Democrats have been gold-digging all of us in Connecticut to promote their agendas for a generation, now they are COVID-digging to further promote an even more radical driving force. We will see how this plays out moving forward, but beware of the hypocrisy that is about to rear its two-faced head in the coming months and years. Never let a crisis go to waste.


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