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June 15, 2021

Democrats Are Out of Ideas

Obviously hoping to ride a wave of Anti-Trump sentiment, Christine Rosati Randall has announced a run for the CT House District 44 seat currently held by Rep. Anne Dauphinais (R-Killingly).

As reported in The CT Mirror by Mark Pazniokas, “Former state Rep. Christine Rosati Randall, D-Killingly, who was unseated last year in a lopsided loss to Republican Anne Dauphinais, also has created a candidate committee, a first step toward an attempted comeback.Their race could be a test of the degree to which Donald Trump helped Dauphinais in 2016 and the extent to which he may be a liability in 2018.”

It would be safe to say that no one has advised Ms. Randall of the uphill battle she faces.  Apparently, the basis for her run is to try to ride the coattails of a national wave to tie any Republican to the President.  A strategy that was rejected by voters in the very district she seeks to win in the most recent election.

The fact that Ms. Randall voted for some of the largest tax increases in the state’s history is the baggage she will have to carry in the election.  That, more than Trump helped, Rep. Dauphinais to defeat her in 2016.  The numbers bear this out.  Dauphinais carried the district by 5 or more points than Trump garnered.

In the off year municipal elections, one that showed gains in other parts of the state for Democrats, Killingly resoundingly took the town council and other boards in a blatant rejection of the Anti-Trump hysteria.  Plainfield went to the Democrats but had it not been for a split vote with a third party candidate the election would have been a nail biter.

But more than the numbers, Rep. Dauphinais has solidified her position in the district by keeping her campaign promise not to vote for any tax increases in the state budget.  Proof the regions anti-tax message is the most important issue to voters in Northeast Connecticut is the fact that two Democrats, Rep. Danny Rovero (D-Putnam) and Rep. Pat Boyd (D-Pomfret) voted with the GOP’s no tax increase budget.

Dauphinais is also credited with organizing and motivating regional Republicans leading to gains in municipal elections across Northeast Connecticut.

Ms. Randall will have to come up with something more than the, “Trump is bad” mantra and be forced to run on her record of voting for tax increases in her one and only term in Hartford.  Particularly when people in a region, sapped by taxes supported by her previous term, see windfalls in their 401k’s and IRA’s.  They will certainly want to protect those gains against a proven tax and spend liberal.



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