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July 16, 2019

Reps Conley and Del la Cruz Transmitting Malloy Disease


What’s worse than being a weak, first term state representative? Being a weak, first term state representative that has tied their fortunes to a governor that is less popular than a a deer tick.  State Representatives Christine Conley (D- Groton, Ledyard) and Joe Del la Cruz (D- Groton, New London) issued identical statements (found here and here)  recently that  paint these two representatives as the spawn of the mother tick.

I am opposed to the Republican budget and its accompanying UConn cuts, which would be devastating to the UConn Avery Point campus. The Republican budget will hit UConn with a combined cut of $309 million over the biennium, including $185 million for the Storrs and regional campuses. The cuts will also include $124 million for UConn Health. UConn Health, which includes mental health services, sees more than a million patients a year, including 33,000 a year in its emergency room.

Starting your sales pitch with statistics is always a snooze and shows just how much heart this pair really put into this statement.  Of course they used the inflated statewide numbers and not those specific to Avery Point.  If you take that biennium number and break it down to an annual number ($155 million) the cuts suffered in Groton and Ledyard public schools is over ten percent (10%) of that. Yet Avery Point enrollment is only a little over one percent (1%) of the total Uconn system enrollment.  Furthermore, 4500 students attend Groton Public Schools and another 2,600 in Ledyard schools while there are 600 students at Uconn Avery Point.

Students in Groton and Ledyard, along with those from Southeastern Connecticut, have attended UConn Avery Point for its excellent location and affordable price for 50 years now. These cuts within the Republican budget would result in major tuition increases, drastic cuts in financial aid, and would additionally result in cuts to staff and academic departments. All of these cuts will most certainly effect the quality of education at Avery Point and students will be the ones paying the ultimate price.

To paraphrase this section,  “Malloy’s cuts would cause a major tax increase, drastic cuts in school programs and result in the cut to staff and the shuttering of schools. All of these cuts will most certainly effect the quality of education at Groton and Ledyard public schools and students will be the ones paying the ultimate price.”

We need to invest in higher education and make it affordable for those who want to attend college. The Republican budget does not do this.

In the not-so-dynamic duo’s cart before the horse finale, Paraphrasing again. “We need to invest in our children’s education so they may one day hope to get a higher education.”  But college students vote and third graders don’t.  When you’re a representative who barely squeaked out a win, votes count,

Their matching statements also conspicuously left out additional costs to towns Malloy proposed in the form of teacher pension cost sharing.  Nor did they mention the tax increases.  In an area that still vividly remembers that the casinos that clogged roads and put burdens on local towns all the while promising a panacea of education monies, to latch on to the jugular of their children’s future is a sure way to ensure you are a one and-done politician.

As reported by WTNH in April of this year.

“Where’s the solution?” asked Groton resident John Diaz. “You know that’s where the politicians have to step up to Hartford and say come on guys work with us.”

How shameful is it that when asked for help, Groton’s politicians in Hartford chose to suck the life blood out of their constituent’s schools instead of putting tick repellent around Malloy?

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One Response “Reps Conley and Del la Cruz Transmitting Malloy Disease”

  1. Sandra Kenny
    October 25, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Why does this not surprise me? The next time i go to the polls i will be better informed.

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