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June 15, 2021

“See you at the Polls”

Norm Ferron faced an angry half of the Killingly Board of Education last night. What angered them? Merely the fact that Ferron, a candidate to replace a vacant seat on the board, had the temerity to say that big issues should be up to the people of the town. Democrats on the board couldn’t believe the gall he had in advocating for democracy.

In a move that’s likely to reverberate up and down the Killingly Democrats ticket, Hoween Flexer led a charge to prevent the seating of Norm Ferron to the Board of Education. What were they so adamant about?  What was Ferron’s big prize after this browbeating? A one-month seat on a board he couldn’t even vote on.

Talk about your face palm moments.  What were the Killingly Democrats thinking? There was absolutely nothing to lose here. Norm Ferron is a respected, long time business owner in the community. They, the democrats, took something that would have garnered not an inkling of press and was like drinking filtered water and turned it into chugging bottles of Cuervo to the worm. They say there are two types of drunks, lovers and haters.  Killingly Democrats showed which type they are.

Their hatred for seeing people who think differently than they do has no bounds. In doing so they would have to admit that they see their neighbors as hateful and repugnant people Hoween Flexer was the board member to take the lead in spanking Ferron. Even a thousand origami birds couldn’t quell her thirst for revenge that Flexer let well to the surface. She’s not up for re-election and obviously doesn’t care who else is either. Jeff Buchbinder was eerily quiet. Gone were the days of calling his fellow board members racists. He IS up for re-election and probably would have kicked Flexer under the desk had it not been for the fear of CHRO showing up on his doorstep.

What really makes this beyond belief and shows the logic and reasonability of Ferron, is that the town will be able to cast their votes before Ferron could have even cast one on the BOE. Ferron had his Patrick Henry moment when he stated to the board, “See you at the polls.” Hearing a line so powerful, uttered from such a humble person, one can’t help but think lightning just struck down from Olympus. Killingly Republicans are sure to be motivated and Killingly Democrats are just as sure to be fielding angry texts and phone calls.

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