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February 17, 2019

Welcome to Ct Chronicle

In these pages we hope to add perspective to stories affecting those who live in the Constitution State.  We will try to cut through some of the bias presented by too many of the state’s news sources.  Connecticut is sitting on the precipice of major change.  The direction this change takes can’t be left to the legacy media in the state and will need your participation to better the lives of your fellow Nutmeggers.

We believe media shouldn’t be a one way endeavor.  To that aim, we will encourage participation on this platform and others to voice your support or concerns for the issues we will tackle. We hope to grow this site to become many things in the future.  Our goal will always be geared toward promoting active participation in the “process.”

We invite guests commentary and stories. We want views and opinions from all sides of the issues.  We will always show respect and willingness to engage in open dialogue.  All content and comments must be respectful and high on fact and low on emotional appeals.  We want to make this a place where people can come to discuss including those who are leading the state.

We look forward to serving our community and hope you will join us.

Please bear with us, this site is still undergoing upgrades and tweaks.  We hope to have all menus and snafu’s worked out by the end of the week.

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